AccessEzy 4 Door and 2 Door Controller

The heart of the system - AccessEzy controllers, whether there be one or multiple, make up the backbone of your security solution. Models supporting up to two or four keypads are available and boast all the added extras you expect when it comes to access control. Features include: Door status sensors, man-traps, ground loops and lift control. TCP/IP Modules allow the controllers to communicate with the software via your existing Local or Wide Area Network. This allows controllers to be located remotely via the internet or a wireless connection.

Alarm Boards

Keep an eye on every door with alarm boards. These devices 'bolt on' to 4 or 2 door controllers, increasing the functionality of the controller. Up to 60 door reed switches can be connected to a single controller.

Keypad with Feedback LEDs

Your customers need the ability to enter fast! - make it easy with a keypad. Feedback LEDs are colour changeable and provide your customers with visual feedback for access granted or access denied. IP67 rated, these keypads can stand the test of time.

Vandal Keypad

The toughest keypad around - Our vandal keypad has back lit, recessed keys, making this device super rugged.

Keypad Bollard

Allow your keypad to be used with ease. A simple complement to your security system. Custom designs and powder coating are also available.


A simple place to manage your security. Our software can be onsite or located remotely, allowing you to manage your customers access with ease. The software is your go to for security events, allowing you to manually operate gates and lifts but also see who left them open.


A safe place to keep your equipment out of harm's way. With two sizes available, one for just a controller or a larger model to facilitate alarm boards, we can ensure tampering is not an issue.

Power Supply

An essential device that allows your security to come alive. A power supply with a backup battery ensures your facility is not vulnerable during a power failure.